Each one has within oneself a huge potential to make good things happen. Therefore, our projects’ goal is to encourage a cooperative mood that goes beyond the proposed activities and that is included in the organization’s culture.

How Do We Work?

We encourage the collective construction through Project Management approaches, Design Thinking, V2V Canvas and several tools that foster the generation of ideas for social transformation through interaction and a common purpose.


What Do We Offer?

  • Planning and Structuring of volunteering programs

  • Communication campaigns in order to enhance both the awareness and the engagement of collaborators

  • Lectures for awareness, engagement or recognition of volunteers

  • Workshops to train both leaders and collaborators

  • Support for the volunteers to organize actions within the community

  • Support to establish committees and voluntary leaders

  • Voluntary action structured for career mentoring for young people undergoing social risk

  • Guidance to choose partner social organizations

  • Impact Evaluation of the Program


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