What moves us

We believe that everyone has within him or herself a huge potential to make good things happen and that a positive attitude can and should be stimulated by companies. That is why we create corporate social engagement networks where the collaborators can have ideas and make them a reality through interaction.

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We tell our story by putting together great talent

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Bruno Ayres


Marianna taborda 654cd2dd59b3cb1446675313fef6fa071e06495fe102adb8bc9042e0b08c3366

Marianna Taborda


Marcela marchi 0eea4175a1387d1293e72c9f79a4b0cd0b6cb4b577f9940b29fa0b9e3ce2837d

Marcela Marchi

Customer Service General Supervisor

Renan diniz 9a27d88fc82b5eb1298033e4b4d43f04421ba08bfd1f193fc5f8d123702b06c4

Renan Diniz

Account Manager

Fabiana xavier 2bf2257a56e17a646b70bcf1a6968922ce185ddbdfc52ba3b059867e8cb98dea

Fabiana Xavier

Account Manager

Samantha jones 0660f5c73b0df040a39a7b37f4c85e579a8bac0a60b8badbbe1227f60a8cf0e6

Samantha Jones

Director of Strategy and Innovation

Liliane nascimento 94e4977c0f514218a9c369e78ac2f9b538fcba2ac188f05b16c5155e1130ffe2

Liliane Nascimento

Director of Product and Quality

Iuri kothe 1bac38bd26c651a549f0953042aa17860fdfd340e6022d7a58ac73dba324c1b9

Iuri Kothe


Charles musskopf 3f7020e014dd124065be1a4eb5e80343117704a64b5baf848b45b5f423daaebe

Charles Musskopf


Diego nogueira 23549023555a9fb31eebd03fe6a5e5aad94b7aefb62b353d9f9bd62355e1d3ac

Diego Alvarez Nogueira


Jhonathas matos e1bc14bedf971607b7a76a87dd793fc2149adb12dcc660844e94f3d50766ea63

Jhonathas Matos


Vinicius sales 1b23b4c99729ff34ab428d801c94d442bd90f0564e61431bb4d232d4f447b32a

Vinícius Sales


Fernando campos c44cab2e6f69629b81fceed9d6b5937ca930a6477c5079907a2188048b248889

Fernando Campos

Systems Administrator

Natalia kelbert b49adc388767a01abb1b92da2b2152c8768db1f3e315f079d901e825a864fdb7

Natalia Kelbert

Director of Business Development

Renata bonito b2d5127803d4afb1a2f5f4356bb34f4dd211866710e21051dedc31b8764ad340

Renata Bonito

New Business Analyst

Joao bernardo 7091c25009ca65a86890afafd580ed496cc85a368fe622303ce081b3029c52fe

João Bernardo

CFO and Director of International Business

Ana maria 26e3c7ad2271866e877f00111868ce5bb3603036bfd1cb4ed47d6ba838ab28eb

Ana Maria

Administrative Manager

Edna emy ambo 95dbf8028ecea52ed83236782d44fea77ff29463430fb38f804e1e7b3ad02e4e

Edna Emy Ambo

UI/UX Designer

Our story

Come write the next chapters of this story with us

  • 2000
  • We launched the Volunteer Portal in partnership with the Solidarity Community from the Ruth Cardoso Center
  • 2004
  • We created the V2V tool (volunteer-to-volunteer) in partnership with Rede Globo, Globo.com, and IBM Brasil, connecting volunteers in a social network to provide them with greater autonomy and alternatives for their work.
  • 2010
  • At this point we were already working with companies with solid volunteering programs so we stopped being an NGO and officially became a company, thus, gaining in scale and mobility.
  • 2011
  • The V2V tool went from merely being a social network to becoming a powerful platform for managing volunteer actions.
  • 2013
  • Our platform was translated into English and Spanish and is used in over 15 countries.
  • 2015
  • We created the Sociomotiva network to take social engagement to small and medium-sized companies as well.

And it goes on!