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For your employees, an interactive and inspiring environment.
For you, the complete platform to manage the program.

How does it work


The company publicizes the actions it is promoting and the collaborators publish their own initiatives.


Volunteers sign up for activities published by the company or by a colleague.


The manager views online reports or downloads a detailed spreadsheet.

What does the platform offer

Details that will take your Volunteering Program to the next level

Volunteering Management

  • Customizable registration forms for actions
  • Qualitative and quantitative results for volunteer actions
  • Modules for Committees, Institutions, Teams, and others
  • Volunteering Participation Terms of Use in electronic format
  • Space for banners and news
  • Administrative environment for the Program manager
  • Reports with data from users, actions, and others

Interactions among collaborators

  • User profiles
  • Space for comments, photos, and documents
  • Solidarity Carpool
  • Talent Exchange
  • Recognition badges and applause
  • Newsfeed
  • Notifications by e-mail

Exclusive to your company

  • Exclusive portal for your collaborators and guests
  • Tailored to your Program
  • Access via computer, mobile phone or tablet
  • Multi-language platform (English, Portuguese, and Spanish)
  • Constantly evolving platform

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